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A Clean Break

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Why should you choose A Clean Break to provide services to your Bald Head Island home?

A Clean Break has a different business philosophy than that of many of our competitors.  With most of our home owners living significant distances away from their Bald Head Island property, we provide services to ensure the safety and security of your property when you are not there.

When you have a vacation home, who wants to spend the last day of their visit racing around cleaning up?  With the team from A Clean Break, you won't have to!  Let us come in after your departure to take care of the needs of your home, leaving it fresh and clean for your next visit. 

For our home owners who rent their homes and choose to do so themselves (such as through VRBO), we are your eyes and ears on the island.  We can be available to your guests during emergencies.  We have a full compliment of reputable, dependable and available services providers to handle anything from a broken washing machine to a faulty HVAC unit, and are happy to provide these recommendations to our home owners.  During the peak of the season, we are on the island regularly.  Rest assured, if we drive by your home and notice something that shouldn't be going on (a house party, your guests have moved your furniture outside, etc.), you can expect to receive a phone call from us. 

During the off season, we offer a monthly service check option for your property.  Should you choose this service, we will enter your home once a month to check for things such as water leaks, window damage, unauthorized entry, rodent/bug infestations, and we give the restrooms a quick once-over.  We are also available during these monthly checks to turn off your water at the beginning of winter to protect the pipes from bursting, and turn on the water once the weather has broken.  Worried about hurricanes and tropical storms?  With our monthly service contract, we bring in your patio furniture, cushions and grills, turn off your water, check to be sure all windows are secured, and secure outside shower and trash doors prior to the arrival of a hurricane or tropical storm. After the storm passes, we will inspect your property for damage, turn your water back on, replace furniture and grills, and let you know if any items need attention.  If you contract for our monthly services, we will be happy to take care of your annual golf cart registration as well at no extra charge (other than the fee charged by the police department for your sticker).

Should you choose not to retain us for monthly off-season services, we are still available to you should a need arise - we're just a phone call away. 

If your home is rented and your guests have caused damage, you will receive an immediate phone call.  Likewise, if your guests have been excessively dirty, you'll also hear from us.  This allows you to decide if you'd like to rent to these guests in the future, or if you'd rather put them on a "do not rent" list.  We try to provide our home owners an extra layer of protection for their homes.

If your home is running low on home owner provided supplies (trash bags, bathroom tissue, laundry detergent, paper towels, a/c filters, etc.), we will notify you and upon your request, purchase these supplies and provide you the receipt for reimbursement. 

We take the trust our home owners put in us very seriously.  In short, once you've contracted our services, your home becomes our home, and we are extremely protective of it.  We want to make your home ownership on Bald Head Island as worry-free as possible. 



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Phone: 910-448-2299